There is no substitute for real strings, performed and recorded by professional musicians.  StringRecordings.com was started by New York based violin/fiddle player Chris Tedesco, and offers writing and recording services for any recording project that is in need of violin, string sections, fiddle or electric violin.  StringRecordings.com also offers the recording services of many other instruments and players including viola, cello, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, B3 organ, accordion, sitar, mandolin, banjo, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, and drums.


All recording is done by remote via email or FTP.  You can send a stereo or mono mix of your song, in any format (mp3, aiff, wav).  When the recording is finished, you will receive files (aiff) that can be imported directly back into your session with full control over all settings and volume.  Chord charts or lead sheets are helpful, but not necessary.  You are welcome to submit written parts as well, all players involved with StringRecordings.com are excellent readers.  The most important thing is that you get the sound and feel that you want, so don’t hesitate to give direction, references, and melodic ideas if you have something specific in mind.  String sections are done via multiple overdubs.  Instead of hiring 8 – 25 string players, 25 – 40 separate tracks are created for each voicing and recorded individually by one person.  These tracks are then mixed down to one track creating a real string section.  Copy and paste does not achieve the same results.  Each part needs to be recorded individually to capture the bow changes and vibrato that you would hear in an assembled string session with multiple players.  Samples have come a long way, but still lack a human element and performance that truly bring the parts to life.


Audio Technica AT4060 Tube Mic
ShinyBox 46MXL Ribbon Mic
AEA TRP Ribbon Mic Preamp
Pro Tools 12.4 (files sent will be compatible with any recording software platform, PC or MAC)
Mbox 3 Pro
Focusrite Scarlett
Event Tuned Reference 8 monitors

For Electric Violin:
Zoom G2 multi effects
Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive (with Keeley mod)
EHX Micro Pog Octave Pedal
Visual Sound H2O Chorus/Echo
Dunlop Wah Pedal
Tech 21 Sans Amp Classic

PAYMENT via PayPal
Prices quotes are given individually for each project.
ALL genres of music are welcome